I need help please, cant pay for my order. says to use alt payment method. I tried paypal & 2 credit

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I need help please, cant pay for my order. says to use alt payment method. I tried paypal & 2 credit cards. I opened 1 account & bought a phone & used paypal. that phone works great, then i opened another account & it wouldnt let paypal works or 2 diff credit cards. talked to chat. they cleared that account & had me open a new account. said 1st account had a glitch. that didnt work either. talk to 2 more chat people. they said to wait over 24 hours. i did. still didnt work. then i opened a 3rd account to still try to order new phone & service. it woudnt work also. even tried a friends credit card. they said it was my address so i told them i already had 1 phone that works & it came to same address. then they said they didnt know what was wrong & have esculated it. said i would hear something in 24 hours. I know have 3 extra accounts that they say they cant remove payment info from. I have been try to get this phone ordered for 4 days & about 20 hours online with visible & have talked to about 14 diff chat reps. i get told diff reasons from each 1 it seems. I just want to get this done. I have 3 phones to port. someone please help me.  I am porting from cricket. 



Wow, this sure sounds like a nightmare.  I sure hope Visible elevates this issue to get it resolved quickly.  For the record, I have three separate accounts for members of my family all billed to separate payment methods and have never had any issue.  Please update us on how you get this resolved.



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I cant get anyone to help except a email today in 1 of my 3 account that said that account is permanently blocked.  I have 1 new phone with new # that works great. I want to port 2 numbers over now. I have spent so many hours working on this. I cant believe they dont have people who CALLS to help with things like this. 


I see you are trying to order a phone device, is it for one number or all 3 numbers?

From my experience you can create a new account and start from scratch.


This time make sure the service address (the address you give to Visible), Billing address (the address you give to visible), billing address (the address you give to credit card). Even PayPal has a billing address.

So please check these things prior and make them streamlined.


Also I had my Apt number on the same line as street address on Visible, so I matched them in the same format on my credit card.


Then I was trying to buy a particular model with a particular color. It wasn't working. I wasn't so fixated on the color so I changed the color of the device I try to purchase. It worked after selecting a different color.


I know it is frustrating as a user. Hope Visible modifies their website to be  more user friendly in future.


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I am trying to order a phone on a new account & nothing works & I cant get any help through Visible. chat says they dont know how to fix it. I did open a new account & bought a phone & new number & that account works great. i opened a 2nd account & tried to buy a phone with paypal i used on the 1st account. then i tried my discover credit card & it didnt work, it said to check payment info as it did the 1st time. then chat said to to open a new account & they would clear this order. i opened a new account & it did the same thing & chat said that account was now blacking it.  so they said they cleared that account & had me open a 3rd account.  it did the same thing as the other 2. chat said they escalated it & I would get someone to help. I have talked to chat about 16 times from the 3 accounts.  hours & hours spent on this. 1 chat person told me to go to a different carrier. I told her i have 1 phone that works great.  chat also told me i can use paypal for 2 diff accounts.  but i have tried my other 2 credit cards with no luck.  i got a email today saying this account is permanatily blocked & maybe i should find another carrrier but i dont know if i already had 1 account that works. I just want to port 2 other number over to them but cant figure what wrong. chat also said to try a friend credit card & that didnt work either. I have checked & rechecked all addresses & all are like the 1st phone i ordered that worked. CHAT WONT OR CANT HELP ME OR DONT KNOW HOW. I CANT GET ANYONE TO HELP ME. I just need them to order me a phone & take payment. I cant find a phone number for visible anywhere. can someone let me know what to try.  thanks for the help on the messages above.  

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Make sure you are using The browser not the app make sure you have no VPN installed on your device Before ordering clear all the cache from that browser You could also just clear the cache from visible site That should help


SAME EXACT ISSUE ON MY END. Also from Cricket. I tried multiple credit cards, venmo, paypal -- they have no solution for me. Told me to order elsewhere. What did you to get to the bottom of the issue?

Visible has updated their website that you cannot use the same payment method on two different accounts, if you have another credit card you can open up a new account on a different name and when putting in the address you could try putting in like apartments or something like that even though you don't have a apartments number, also try using a device that you never used visibles website on that


Weird! I was on visible, switched to Spectrum mobile for a day ( it was really really bad! ) switched back to visible but couldn't use my original info. Said account has been deleted. So... created new account with differant email and slightly differant name (added Jr). Same credit card, Same address. Everything worked fine. Hope you get this sorted out.

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They are running a data scam to harvest personal data and credit information in order to share with third partys it's the only logical answer here. I also tried same thing credit card Venmo verified identity PayPal account all denied. All my valid accounts. Chat people have no earthly clue for some reason and refused to remove my information from network stating it will remain for 120 days. Disclosure says third party partners are allowed the data so for 120 days they get my information and I get nothing.