Internet issues


S-21 in Southeastern NC. I am curious if anyone has had issues with connectivity since switching to the new plan, I have the visible plus one, whatever the more expensive one is called. I am constantly having to turn airplane mode on and off for things to load and/or work properly. Specifically Facebook marketplace ads, Google talk to text, Amazon, etc. This used to only happen when I had a 5G connection that was 1-2 bars. Don't get me started on the inability to turn 5G off.)  Thanks!


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Have you tried going into settings and resetting the network. It might help but it will also reset your hotspot password so if you do a network reset don't forget to change you network password back to what it was before or you need to change the password on each device that was connected to the hotspot.


If that doesn't work try contacting customer service and see if they can resolve it. Ask them to provision or re-provision the SIM and see if that solves it. 

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Are you on eSIM or a physical SIM? If eSim, I'd suggest deleting it and redownloading it to see if it fixes your issues. For me, that almost always does the trick.