Invalid Destination Address / Visible support


2 year visible customer here used to have a galaxy s9 no problems there, a few weeks ago I purchased a Pixel 6 from the google store and activated it with the new E-sim option (used to have a physical sim). Pretty much immediately noticed I wasn't receiving 5g but should be based on my city. Also noticed I could receive MMS (Group chat / Picture messages) however I couldn't send them, each time I tried I was greeted with a standard error message saying invalid destination address. Reached out to visible support pretty continuously for the next 15 days performed every fix imaginable reset network settings, deleted E-sim and redownloaded, cleared messages cache & force stopped the app, restart phone, airplane mode,

I can't even remember all of them at this point, regardless nothing has fixed this and every time a "case" is created by visible support I get 1 email the next day saying were working on this and will have an update in 24 to 48 hours and then I never hear from them again.

Sorry this had kind of turned into a rant but at this point I don't have any other options, visible support is an oxymoron, just running me in circles. My real question here is has anyone else had this issue and gotten help, and is there any other way to communicate with a real person and actually get any service that could possibly be considered support?

I chatted with 8 different representatives in total wasted 11 hours and 27 minutes of my life (yes I started recording it after the first 2 hours) pinging the visible chat just to keep it active to get no help had I think 3 different cases created. [Edited for privacy]. Also at one point I was chatting with the visible support on their webchat service and their twitter dm service and their FB messenger service all at the same time still to get no real answers or help.




Hi, I don't have any experience with your issue, and have brainstormed some ideas for you:


-See if you can return the phone to Google and buy one directly from Visible


-May sure you have applied all system updates. Just to make sure you are not on a beta version like Android 13?


-Swap the e-sim for a physical SIM. E-sims are new for Android phones on Visible


-Go to a Verizon store and test a Pixel 6 on display, and see if it is actually getting 5G or only 4G. Test your phone & their phone side by side


Please report back and let me know if anything works. Thanks

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Wow! Do you think the e-sim is a bad idea?