Issues Porting Back To Visible

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I was with Visible and then ported out for about three months. The new provider isn't as good so I want to port back. So far everything is good, except the phone number. Visible gave me a temporary number, and when I go to choose to port my old number, Visible says it's "inactive." From what I seem to gather, it's because I was with Visible before. Because of that, they won't let me port back into Visible. Anyone have any advice? I was told to try and contact someone at Visible to delete my old account, the login and everything works, but obviously I no longer have service.  I created a new account with a new email. To confirm, someone said talk to Visible to delete my old account info, then I should be able to port back in. Secondly, I am with Boost Infinite. Boost isn't a choice for providers, do I just choose "Other?" once it allows me to port my number? Thank you all so much! FYI - I regret leaving Visible, and wish I had stayed the entire time.



What was the problem with Boost Infinte? I have been looking at there service for my wife's line.

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You should contact customer service to get this fixed. Even though you were with Visible before that shouldn't matter. There have been some on Visible's reddit page that have ported out and ported back in a day or two later just to get the current promo so your number having been with Visible before should not be an issue.


Contact CS by chat(type agent or live agent or you will chat with a robot), you can also contact them by Facebook messenger or Twitter by DM, those links/icons can be found bottom right hand corner of this page.