Mobile Hotspot (Verizon MiFi 8800L)


Currently, I'm on Verizon with just a hotspot for $40/mth for 5 GB on LTE with overage protection (they drop the speed after 5 GB.) Our cell provider since 2013 has been Republic Wireless but service has gone terrible since Dish bought them. They're $20/mth for 1 GB + $4.50 after 1 GB. 


Weighing options - I know I can move my 3 phones over to Visible. Does Visible support a Verizon MiFi 8800 hotspot and could I use it as a 4th phone on my plan?

 I need better cell service but need to stay in my budget.





I have an alcatel linkzone unlocked and with a visible sim it says invalid sim, have you tried to check if on settings you can change things around to connect? I saw a video on youtube that a jetpack doesn't work with a visible sim either.