Motorola One 5G Ace NOT UW??


Is the Motorola One 5G Ace an approved phone? (not talking about the Motorola One 5G UW Ace)


This is the phone I want to use, is it approved?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi! So glad you want to come to Visible. Whenever you're looking to join, your best bet is to check out our compatibility checker to ensure your device is compatible with our network. You can find that here:




I also am thinking of buying this phone, but want to be sure it works on the Visible network.

The compatibility checker requires you to Enter your IMEI

I won't have an IMEI unless I buy the phone, but I won't buy the phone if I don't know it will work on Visible.


Anyone able to confirm, or help?

I have two of the Motorola One 5G UW phones they get 5G on t-mobile but NOT visible. I also have a Pixel 4A 5G and a Blade X1 5G that does not get 5G also. Yes the town we tried it out in has verzion 5G.