Motorola moto g stylus 5G discrepancies

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Motorola moto g stylus 5G 2022

on the Motorola site show the internal storage at 256G and 8G of ram.  The Verizon Visible site shows their phone as having only 128G of internal storage. Is this a mistake or did Visible have the storage size decreased since 128G is not an option on the Motorola site. If the internal storage has actually been decreased to 128G what other specs have been changed internally on this phone?  Is the Ram 8G or has that been modified too by Visible?



Often the phones sold by  carrier have different (and lower) specs than those sold directly unlocked.

Yea but the Motorola carrier phone is a better deal and has more Visible is still not supporting the unlocked Moto G Stylus 5G 2022 even though they are basically selling it on their phone deals page...I doubt there is any difference internally in the functionality of the two phones.

You could always buy the phone from Motorola, and before opening the box, run the IMEI checker on the Visible site to see if it will work with the service.



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I did buy one and Visible checker says not compatible. It is compatible with Verizon and all Verizon MVNO's so why won't it work with Visible?

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Anyone ever find out if ordering direct from Motorola worked or not? 

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Just an FYI... 

I did order an unlock phone directly from Motorola.

So far, it seems to be working fine with Visible. 

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I ordered this phone (Moto G Stylus 5g 2022) from Motorola.  Motorola website said it was fully compatible (5G, hotspot, wifi calling) with Visible.  Put in Visible Sim Card in... everything was fine 5G, hotspot, etc... except wifi calling. I could turn on wifi calling in settings, but when I tried to make a call using wifi calling it reported I needed to connect to a wifi network. I did a speed test using chrome and saw that I was connected to my home wifi with a speed of 250 mbps... I have tried to do wifi calling using other networks (work, a fiends house, etc) and I continue to get this error.


Plugging in my old Google Fi sim card (still active), it immediately allows me to use wifi calling. I also tried a firends Verizon sim card and it too worked flawlessly.  So, it's not the phone.


Visible tech support continues to run me through the same steps (factory reset, reset network, power cycling phone... etc). It's been a week and they can't get it to run wifi calling. As I get little to no cell coverage at home and at work, I need wifi calling. 


Has anyone else tried this phone on Visible and found wifi is enabled but won't actually make a wifi call?  If so, were you able to get Visible to fix the problem? I am tired of being run through the same steps over and over....


UPDATE: Visible Customer Support has continued to escalate my case every time I contact them and I re-explain my situation to the new chat representative including the fact that I have tried everything that is in their script. At this point, the representative escalates my case and tells me I will get an email in 24 hours. Email arrives the next day saying problem is fixed, which it never is. When I contact back, my case has already been closed. Who runs customer support this way? How can you close a case if you have not confirmed it has been fixed?  This caused me to spend another 1/2 hour when re-contacting the chat to explain what has happened and what has been done so far. Overall, I spent over 15 hours in chat with customer service going around and AROUND....


I have signed up for and tried another MVNO running on Verizon's Network, which runs at about the same price as Visible (I think it's $5 more a month). It works on my cell... wifi calling, hotspot, 5G, etc. So, I guess at this point, being a week and a half in without Visible being able to help me,I will be porting out to the other service and leaving visible. 😞   I didn't want it to end this way, but it is what it is. Hopefully Visible will fix their customer service procedures. 


Good luck everyone!

I purchased a Motorola Stylus 5G 2023 phone from Best Buy, as I had a gift card.  I upgraded to Visible Plus a week ago.  I moved the SIM card from my old 2020 Stylus phone which was 4G LTE only.  The 2023 phone is working on the 5G network.  However, I tested the 5G speed against my iPhone that is on regular Verizon.  The Verizon phone was over twice as fast as the Visible phone, although same Verizon tower and Visible Plus is supposed to be at high priority data apeed until 50GB used up.  I hadn't reached 2GB yet.  I contacted Visible customer support.  They verified that I am on Visible Plus.  They asked for my Motorola 2023 IMEI number.  That came back as not compatible with Visible, so that is the reason that the 5G is slower than the Verizon phone.  However, Visible sells the same model phone on their web site.  So I believe that Visible is purposely not accepting Motorola phones not sold by them.  I also believe this because a friend of mine bought a Motorola Power 2021 phone from Amazon.  It worked fine under the old party pricing.  When Visible switched to individual pricing, his phone stopped working.  When he contacted Visible support, they told him that his phone is no longer compatible with Visible.  How can it work, but not be compatible?  It made no sense!  He ended up exiting from Visible, because the phone stopped working on their network.  Their BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) appears to be some kind of sick joke.  Not sure what is going on with all of this.