Network Issue with eSim

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I have a couple iPhones active with Visible. One is used with an eSim and one is used with a physical sim. The iPhone that uses an eSim seems to loose its network service everytime there is an iOS update. The signal bars are all grey’d out, but the one with the physical sim seems to function without a problem. I have found the work around for it, but it’s a hassle everytime it does it. I’m now tempted to switch using a physical sim than an eSim but the sim will take a day or two to arrive after shipment and while it is being shipped, there is no signal. Please help! 



Do you have any other SIMS or eSIMS setup on your iPhone?

Can you share your workaround?

FWIW, I’m on an iPhone SE 2022 with Visible eSIM only and have not experienced this. 

Using iPhone XR for both lines, no other eSim or physical sim installed on the phones. 

The initial activation process worked seamlessly, even with a ported number. However, the following day I noticed I couldn’t make a call if I wasn’t connected to WiFi. Thank goodness for iMessages and FaceTime Audio, otherwise I’d have no service at all. Everytime I would make a call (no Wi-Fi), it would say “Call Failed” and people who were calling me said that when they tried to call me it was going directly to voicemail. 
I use to work for a different cellular company and somewhat gained a little knowledge on how to troubleshoot iPhones that are having issues. So, I tried a few things that I think would fix the problem and found this to work the best.
See work around instructions below. 

1. Check that you do not have any bars lit and WiFi is turned off. 

2. Go to Settings > Cellular > eSim Network (Visible) > Turn on this line > switch toggle to Off. 


3. Wait 30 seconds, and switch toggle back to on. Give it a few seconds, and go back to the Settings page. 

4. Turn on “Airplane Mode” and wait another 30 seconds, then turn off airplane mode. This would initiate the iPhone to start looking for a cellular signal. 

5. Be patient and allow the iPhone some time to find Visible’s cell signal, connect to it, and get itself together. You’ll know it’s ready when you see the signal bars start lighting back up.

6. Check if you can now make a call out like normal and your none-iMessages texts gets delivered. If it does, then you’re back in business. 

I have also tried to do a network reset, but that didn’t do much except clear out all my stored network connections. Which took a long time to restore. So, save yourself the time and skip it. 

It’s not difficult to do, it’s just a hassle because your phone will stop receiving calls and messages and you’re thinking it must be a calm day, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Who knows how long you’ve had no service, and how long it’s been since people couldn’t get a hold of you. 

It’s a shame that it does that, because two of my family members that I excitedly referred decided to leave Visible because of the hassle they experienced. 

I hope this helps some of the Visible eSim users, and hopefully Visible can figure out how to fix that issue. 

P.S. It has happened 3 times on the eSim iPhone and 0 on the physical sim iPhone. Go figure. 



Network Reset would’ve been the most common solution. But, I guess there’s other ways for a fix. 

I believe you had a misstep. Instead of going to “Cellular”, you chose “General”. Cellular is located right underneath “Bluetooth”. Please give it another try using these steps…


Settings > Cellular > [Visble Portion] Turn on this line > Tap toggle to turn off, wait a few seconds and turn it back on. Continue to follow my instructions from the first post. 


Hope this helps. Thank you.


Network Reset would have been my suggestion too.

If I go to Settings - General - ESIM - Carrier  my iPhone has Visible 54.0.1

One other difference is my iPhone SE 2022 is 5G capable and that is my usual connection here in Metro Atlanta