Network shutting down?

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My wife and I each have a Visible account. We both have the same model of phone(Moto Z4). She's getting emails from you about a requirement to upgrade her phone because "The network your plan is on will be shut down in September, and your service and all account access will terminate on or before that time if you have not yet upgraded to a newer phone."

I haven't gotten this message, so I'm wondering if it's legit.


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The email is legitimate; the old legacy Visible network is shutting down and you'll need to upgrade to one of the newer plans being offered. An official post was made by a Visible employee at:

Why similar announcements cannot be made in this community is beyond my pay grade. However, see the following for a possible workaround for the compatibility checker if it shows your phone(s) as incompatible -

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Unfortunately, mine shows as compatible on Verizon, but incompatible on Visible.

But then again, it's shown as incompatible since I ported it over from Verizon years ago.

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Yes. You can read about it in the link provided above and also here.


Your phone may work fine on the old plan, compatible or not, but the new plan if you can get around getting a SIM sent it may not work, older phones without proper software won't fully function like they are now. Such issues you can run into and the most common is wi-fi calling not working, others include texting issues and visual voicemail not working.


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Probably going to leave Visible. I can't see doing business with a company that forces me to spend several hundred dollars to stay with it.