Network upgrade


When I try to update the network it says my phone is not compatible. I have to buy a new one! Why? I have an iPhone 13 purchased from visible just over a year ago


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If you are using the app to request a card for the new plan maybe try using the website instead. Does your profile show and older phone? That may cause the app to show your phone as not compatible.


Some IMEIs are not registered in Visible’s database. You may have to request a physical SIM at this time, and convert to an eSIM later if you want. They ship the pSIM next day air, but a signature is required.


I'm having the same problem. But I have a newer android. Then after chatting with them , they say the technical team will contact you. Well then they email , you cant reply but they tell you to send a screenshot to their Twitter account. So you do and as you are waiting you get another response saying .. we haven't heard from you so we are closing the case! Would some verizon based network please get u limited hotspot. I'm so tired of visible.