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Sorry if this has been asked before but couldn't find anything in the search. I just activated my visible service and ported over my old number to replace the temp one that was made when I signed up. When I created the temp one and activated the eSIM it created a dual SIM on my iPhone 12. Now I have a "primary" (which is my old number on verizon) and a "personal" (the temp number on visible". I have already restarted my phone and both eSIMs are still showing up. I don't want to delete either one just yet because I'm not sure which one is which at this point since my old number was ported over. I can't get a hold of CS, which seems to be the usual from what I have read so far. 


Also, I saw it said they would cancel my verizon service for me. Is that true or do I need to contact verizon? My wife will still be on verizon until I can test out whether visible is worth it so I just want to make sure they don't cancel both of our lines. 


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The primary should be your old line. I would click on the secondary line and see what carrier it says to confirm. Anytime that I have added a new sim it defaults to secondary and not primary. 

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You should be able to disable either SIM for testing, then label them correctly.

Visible canceled my Verizon account without issue.