New account old account email


I'm trying to open a new account. I previously had one but cancelled the service. When try and open new account it won't let me use my email address that had been previously registered on old account. It wants a different email address. But I only have 1 email address I use. How do I get them to correct this problem?


You can contact customer service and see if they can delete it but I highly doubt they will.


The easiest option is just create a new email address and use it for Visible. It doesn't cost anything to create another email account with Gmail, Hotmail or MSN email. I have an address on all three, the first two one is for personal use, second is just backup or used for verification for my main MSN address.


Visible deletes old accounts after certain period. If I remember it is like 2 years. If your account is closed before that then you need to wait until the account is purged. Or you can create a new email address and sign up a new account.



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