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Novice III

I purchased the iPhone 13 and gifted my 12. However, my 13 isn't  showing on my account; stills I have and owe on the 12 that was paid in full. This is so frustrating because now I'm not sure if the apple care that I'm paying for is covering the 12 or 13! In addition, Mr account says the 13 is on its way, hmm, I have a 13 now.


Novice III

This is the kind of thing you need to contact customer support for.  I recommend chatting with visible care via twitter.  


However it may just take the system a day or two to catch up and populate the new data.   I assume you just swapped the old sim into the new phone?

I have had the phone since September and I've been working  with customer support, again, since Sunday. However, they cannot seem to find a solution. They are still working on it though 🤞🏽


Yes, I swapped the sim. 


Reach out to support here:


If an issue continues, ask them to escalate.