No Incoming calls

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I just signed up for Visible yesterday and have been having issues from minute 1. I can make outgoing calls, have data, and send and receive texts. However, calling my number from another phone immediately drops and says the call is canceled. On my phone, it doesn't show a missed call or anything. I tried calling my number from a landline, and it immediately said the caller was unavailable. 


I activated my phone using the eSIM option. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or is there an easy fix? I did troubleshooting with Visible support for about an hour before the app crashed, and I lost the chat. 


I am thinking about canceling altogether and going with Boost or Mint Mobile. 


Thank you! I also tried activating my line on a different phone (iPhone 14 Pro) and still have the same issue. I thought it might have just been the phone, but that confirms it's their network. Also, both phones I tried are fully paid and factory and network unlocked.

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Signed up yesterday also. With the exact same issue.

Bought a used pixel 5 to test visible on and to see if I want to go to pixel 6.

In account says fedex simcard next day so im curious if its tied to a sim instead.

Sadly we cant get on the group pay anylonger as i would bring a couple of my lines over if this tests good.


But currantly support is worse than talking to someone who doesn't speak english at all.

Please let us know if the physical SIM provides a different result. I'm wondering if its an eSIM issue. 

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YES!! I’m having the same problem. I activated my eSIM yesterday as well and am not able to receive ANY phone call. When I dial my new number all it says is, “try again later.” I tried troubleshooting with the Live Chat but nothing changed. They said that I was going to receive an email within 4 hours to get more help but it never came. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Thanks for sharing. Please let us know if you get a response from live chat and if it fixed the issue. I will not waste my time contacting them again unless you get the results. I didn't make it as far with live chat before I lost them due to the app crashing.

Truly i do not blame you.

I setup google voice to handle my calls for now.

I got timed out from waiting for a representative.

I wonder how many people are having issues as i was waiting for over 1.5hrs with no change than it timed me out. Luckily i have multiple phones.

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I have the same problem. My wife and I just ported in today and can't receive incoming calls. I hope this is resolved soon!!

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I have the same problem after porting out a number with a physical sim card. I hope they get it fixed soon !

My wife is having this exact problem--incoming callers get a message that her number is not available.  She just switched from Verizon to Visible yesterday and we've been through all the troubleshooting steps through the Visible chat and they have supposedly send her ticket to a higher support tier who is supposed to respond by email (none yet).  Interestingly, I also switched from Verizon a little over a week ago and had no problems at all.  We both have iPhone 13 Pro phones.  The fact that so many of us who have recently switched to Visible are having the same problem will hopefully be enough to prove to Visible that the problem lies on THEIR end and they need to address it ASAP!

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Newbie here, but I was having the same issue on a iPhone 14max then I found in settings >cellular >under “visible” > turn on this line > make sure it’s checked? 

Then everything worked???? Worth a look????

Thanks, Aussieone, but unfortunately that was not the issue with my wife's phone.  She only has one esim set to Visible and it is turned on.  She can make calls, send and receive texts, and her cellular data works fine (when wifi is turned off, she can surf the net with no problems).  She just can't receive any INCOMING phone calls.  Very frustrating!

Same here, first I wasn’t able to receive texts then voicemail then everything worked but only to find out I wasn’t able to receive incoming calls! I have 14 pro and 11 pro, but the 11 pro is working flawlessly. I’m starting to think that it just maybe the newer iPhones that have issues with their network.


Same issue here....

Got my eSIM on Tuesday 10/4. I can make outbound calls and text. No incoming. 

Turn on This Line is on. Toggled it multiple times. 

I've turned on/off my phone multiple times. 

Waited 3-hours to chat with Visible, then mid-chat the site signed me out. 


Even got an email from Visible saying my eSIM was all setup, without a way to contact them back.




My fix was going from an eSIM to a physical SiM, the chat took awhile to get it done but as soon as I put my new SiM it i got a spam phone call almost instantly. Where as before I could not receive a phone call from my wife. Order the physical sim before you delete the eSIM otherise you will not have a phone number until the new sim arrives.