support for a Samsung galaxy A71


I am using the checker for a Samsung galaxy a71.  I get back the message: "We anticipate that your phone will be compatible soon. No worries, we have options if you do not want to wait.".  So, I am wondering how soon this phone will be compatible?


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FYI, if you are looking for an answer from somebody from Visible you come to the wrong place. You would need to go to chat but I can tell you they don't know either. I was in chat with them about my phone that I bought from them new last year that is not compatible with the new plan. I also asked them about the message you stated and they have no definite time frame on when phone they will become compatible. As mentioned my phone shows not compatible they even told me that it may become compatible they just don't know when. They are supposedly working on it getting as many phones compatible from the old list as possible with the new plan. I just don't think they are working on it very hard as they want to sell you one of the phones they have on their site. I am looking at phones now and have bid on eBay for one that has a good IMEI number, if I don't win I will buy from Best Buy since they have a sale now that is $45 cheaper than the same phone they sell and there is not reason it shouldn't be compatible.