No network / loss of service


Signed up for Visible highest 5g plan in May. Using Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra with an eSim card. Everything was working fine. I was getting 3 to 4 bars at my home. Recently the service went downhill quick. I am now loosing network frequently. No service in my home anymore and no service in places I used to get great reception. Checked the coverage map and I'm still in the best 5G broad band location. Anyone know what's going on? Spend 20 min with the AI bot in chat just for then to answer with the same useless comment. 



Same problem here. I spend about an hour every 4 weeks on the chat with a live agent. They are constantly changing setting on my phone and account and it usually work for a couple of weeks and then the same thing happens, always losing connection. Today they told me to upgrade!!! I said so your solution to your VERY POOR network is for me to pay more????? I think the $25 plan is a scam!