Visible holding my phone number hostage.

I have been with Visible for 3 years with multiple issues.  Now they supposedly cut my service to use a new sim card they are supposed to send but I didn't receive.  My bill is paid but no service.  I signed up with an old email that I can't access (although I can access my account online and in the app).  The only way Visible will do anything to help is through the old email address.  I can't even get them to send a new sim card unless I can access my old email.  I decided to quit service but cant keep my old number because they send the port out pin to the old email.  Even when you try to change your email it takes 30 days for it to register. So I have to pay for my monthly phone service that doesn't even work just to keep my number.  This is the most absurd verification process I've ever dealt with and will pursue legal action if I lose my number or they don't refund me after the 30 days of paid no service. 


Novice II

I’m paying them and my old service cause they can’t figure out how to port in my number, my father is 95 in hospice , I have 2 phone numbers , 2 emails , and no hot spot or wifi. I started process , then had to cancel as it was taking too long , and hospice wasn’t getting through to me. Then later started again the process and now they have no clue how to resolve. 


Did you ever get your phone number? My phone number is being held hostage also. I can't get my port out pin emailed to me but I can receive Visible's emails to verify my email address. Tech support attempted to assist me for over half an hour but they couldn't get my port out pin emailed to me either. I've had my phone number for 8 years and I'd really like to keep it. 


The reason I want to change providers is because I bought a new phone from Visible when I signed up for service. Maybe a year later they tell me my phone is no longer compatible with their service, even though I just bought it from Visible, and they gave me a free TCL phone for free. Not that I'm not appreciative for the free budget phone but the phone I purchased at sign up was a Motorola and a much better phone. There is nothing wrong with it and I want to use my phone with a different provider but can't seem to get my port pin emailed to me.