Not getting some texts until I open the message app.

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I am using the Message+ app and noticed in the last week or two some texts, but not all, I am not getting until I around 30 seconds or more after I open the app. I have checked every possible setting I can think of and can't seem to figure it out. On Monday my sister sent me a text around Noon and I never got the text until Tuesday morning when I opened the app. This is when I decided to try and fix it, I checked every possible notification setting, the app is updated and I have even reset the network. Today I thought it worked as I sent my brother a text and got a response but the next few text later today I never got until I opened the app, they were time stamped as send over an hour before I opened the app.


Does anyone have any suggestions for me on what to look for or change in my settings. I have turned off battery saver as suggested on a Google search, did that yesterday along with the network reset and that apparently didn't help. I am using a Motorola G Power(2022) so wondering if it is my phone since the texts are coming from different brand phone so not particularly in connection with a certain phone brand.


Any suggestion or help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!



Hi @Anonymous - I have experienced the same issue as you and most likely it's that your RCS messages that work on new technology for sending and receiving are working just fine but the old-fashioned SMS messages are not.  A way I usually test SMS is to send a message to my own phone number and see if I get a reply.  If I don't, then I know it's SMS messing up.

What usually fixes my issue with SMS messages is updating the software on my phone, both the Android patches and the Play Store app updates.  I also use the Google Messages app as that seems to be the most reliable.  When you do switch, make sure to activate the "Chat" function for RCS messages between Android phones.  If that doesn't work and the regular toggling airplane mode for 30 seconds off and on again doesn't either, then I usually resort to contacting Visible Support.

Please let us know how it goes and if your issue ends up getting resolved.

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If I remember correctly the reason I stopped using the regular Google message app last year is because I don't think it worked a group text my sister had started or I wasn't getting them so I found the Message+ app and that solved that. I first thought it was my phone and then I thought maybe the delay was from certain brand phones but my relatives on the group text are mixed between android and iPhones. The delay text I got on Tuesday that was dated from Monday was from my sister and she uses an LG 8. On Wednesday I know the 2 or 3 that were delayed about an hour until I opened the app those were both from android and iPhone. 


After I posted this here and on Reddit either Wednesday or Thursday morning I did contact customer service. They had me try a couple things but had already done some of them they suggested then they had me text HELP to 67777 and then TRANSACT to 67777 and they asked to respond when I did that. Told them those texts came back fine and mentioned again that I didn't have issues getting texts when the app is open. I told them the problem was when the phone is powered off, not shut down, and the app is not open that texts are not coming through. The response I got was "you are now receiving short code" so not sure what that means as it's over my head. The conversation pretty much ended.


Today I believe it is working but not sure. I had about 5 texts come through but of course I was napping and didn't here the buzzing until the last one so not sure I got notified as they were coming through. The one issue was I gave a thumbs up to my sister's text on a group text who is on an iPhone got a message saying that she needed to download Message+ to see response and she didn't know who sent it. But the funny thing is I texted here and she says my text comes through fine but this was after I cleared cache and storage on the app and rebooted the phone. The bad thing I got back all my old texts except that group text, I lost it and I can't retrieve it.


Is it fixed I think so but not sure. Thanks for responding.