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Hello all.  My name is Kenneth.  This is my first time posting on this forum.  I have a question I need to ask.  I recently bought a Note 10 (Standard Unlocked) from Amazon.  back in March of this year; as I put in the new eSims my data and calls work fine.  However, on my normal text messages it work fine, but when my friends or family send me a picture or something for me to download it keeps on boot loading and it ends up failing.  On the group text I can't send photos, which is strange,  for texts in order for me to send it I have to manually toggle it off for it to work.  I've tried everything and I need to know is there is something in the settings that I might have missed or not turned on to allow these messages or pictures to run normally?


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That is strange. I would recommend to restart the device. I'm sorry I don't have any other ideas other than contacting Visible Customer Support directly here:

The phone I have I got it from Amazon and it's unlocked.  Does the Note series have problems in these regards in this Visible service?

Not that I'm aware of. If you are able to make calls, then you should also be able to send & receive SMS and MMS text messages. If the problem still occurs after rebooting your device then I suggest to chat with Customer Support that I linked to in my previous response.

First off the phone is 4 years old and that might be part of the problem, there are some issue with using an old phone such as the Note 10. There have been some reports of hotspot. visual voicemail and possibly texting issues with phone over 2-3 years old with the new system Visible is on.


Only suggestion I have is to open the text app, open settings and turn on auto-download MMS if it is not turned on already and see if that helps.

Is that one of the reasons it wouldn't work in the first place? The note 10 came out in late 2019 and thr IEMI said it was compatiable.

I should have worded it that some older phones have had those issues I mentioned, I can't say for sure if that would include the Note 10 but being that old could possibly be one of the reasons it doesn't work. I am also surprised that phone passed Visible's compatibility checker.