Outage Update March 1, 2023

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Community Manager

We’re aware of an outage impacting voice calls, text messages and data. We are working to resolve it immediately. If you are experiencing issues with service please power cycle your phone, as this resolves most issues.

update from Visible March 2, 2023


Hi there. Our service has been restored. If you’re still experiencing any issues, please try power cycling your device. Still not working? Reach out to us via chat at http://visible.com.



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Unable to receive texts on iPhone for 3-days

Novice II

Mine text/sms service was restored without having to go into chat. 3/2/23 @6:40 pm est

Novice III

Because this situation, I ordered a TMo SIM card this afternoon. Was able to get their basic for $40/mo with watch add on for $5. Great customer service!!! One agent was from Austin and the other Kansas City. Phone and text chat support were great. Only $10 more than I was paying for Visible, and I get the peace of mind, better customer service, and one of the streaming add-ons saves me for something I was paying for! (I understand not everyone gets value in that.)


Anywho, I am so flipping excited to port my number next week when my SIM card arrives! Definitely not going to do an eSIM again until the technology improves/I have to. (Gosh, I’m so joyful to leave Visible!)


almost went with Metro but it wasn’t any cheaper than TMo proper’s basic essentials really, plus….I tried to get some answers on the website and with the chat and it just directed me to the physical store. I went in person to the store and the staff member didn’t know the answer and said I had to call support. I asked an additional question and she oddly had an incorrect answer that mentioned the Apple Watch having a removable SIM card (it doesn’t). So I called their customer support line (oh yay a human to help?!) but then they didn’t understand and that interaction was oddly even worse than Visible text chat support. (I’ll give it up to Visible on this, for only having non-native English speakers running the only reachable chat support, they’re really good for non-native speakers!!! Maybe text based communication is easier for that?)


So I guess I learned some valuable lessons about the different levels of customer support and how important it is to have the ability to reach a company in different ways, being able to communicate about what is even going on, and to have confidence you won’t get ghosted for 4 days with no service from your cell provider that you can’t walk into. 


Oh this has been cathartic, even if not a soul reads it! Wish the best to you all!! Bye.

Novice III

Can receive text messages again in South Carolina as of 6 pm EST.  Thanks to whoever did whatever, but it took too long and will cost you a lot of customers!!!!!


This worked for me. Reset all network settings. I have a Samsung S21 

Novice III

I posted earlier that my issue was finally resolved when I removed the sim with phone powered on, the turned phone off and back on with the sim OUT and then put the sim in.


Well, jokes on me! My battery died tonight. When I charged my phone and powered back on, my phone was back in sos mode. I had to wait till I got home and then do the sim card thing again and it took about five attempts before I finally got out of sos mode and registered on the Visible network.


Tomorrow I am going to resolve this. By switching to a new company (which will not be Verizon since Verizon bought Visible and is standing by watching this debacle happen and doing nothing).


This is bs, I have been on chat 9 out of 12 hours, still not working, keep getting told you are marked high priority and they are working on yours as 2e speak. I have talked to 17 people in that 12 our period now they tell me I have to order new sims card to upgrade. Then I said ok well I don't want to upgrade, they tell me it will be another 4 hours that my issues will be fixed at their earliest after being told first one was escalated and will be resolved in 2 hours then 2 hours later another claim is created and need another 2 hours, now I got another claim and will be 4 hours. I am done, I really loved this service but when it affects me having a job or not because I have to use my phone for my job and list a days pay today because couldn't use my phone, then I am done.i had patience and was nice until the 12th hour hit and still no service. I am reporting this company.


Any update on the outage? Just wondering what happened? Any discounts for frustrated customers?

Issue has been resolved and following is what Visible posted yesterday evening.

(Visible Post)

The recent service outage issues have been resolved. Please power cycle your device and then test your service. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. If you continue to experience service issues, please contact care.


can we get an explanation of the cause and cure for the outage 



what was the cause and cure of this outage ?    

there may be information there to help decide whether to stay with Visible or find another provider