Phone USB-C to USB-C port on Windows 11 computer does not work. USB-C to USB-A works.

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I have a 2-year-old ZTE Blade 10 Prime. It works fine if phone USB-C is connected to computer USB-A but is not recognized by the computer if plugged into the computer USB-C port. Is this normal? I tried reloading drivers but with no luck. I tried several good quality USB-C to USB-C cables with no luck. Those same cables work fine with an external hard drive to the computer.


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Hey @SUSFU, I don't quite understand, but this seems to be a laptop issue. If your laptop has an AMD APU, then the USB C port will not work. If it has a Intel CPU, then it will. This is because thunderbolt is only for Intel chips and not for AMD chips.


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You could be onto something, it is an Asus laptop with an AMD processor. You lose me on the thunderbolt stuff though. I thought thunderbolt was an iPhone thing and my phone is Android.

Sometimes it is just the cable. I know I try plugging my phone in the car. One cable, no issues, another cable, no connection recognized. I would try a different cable.

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I've tried several cables with the same problem. Those same cables link my external drive to the computer with no problems.

Yes, Intel PCs have support for thunderbolt since it's a Intel feature. This is a link to Intel's website about thunderbolt 

I don't see anything in the ZTE Blade 10 Prime specifications about thunderbolt. I don't think thunderbolt has anything to do with it but I do see where AMD has a history of USB problems.