Port in promotion eligibility


Am I eligible for port in promotion if I port in from the company called simple mobile to verizon visible


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What port in promotion? If you are referring to the "gift cards up to $200" promos for transferring to Visible that is if you buy a phone from Visible. Some phones have different gift cards. I don't think there are any promotions for porting. If you scroll through a few pages here in the need help forum you will see that some people have said there was a promo earlier this year for a BYOD deal but Visible had it worded wrong. Some said the promo stated if you buy a qualifying device or BYOD but Visible has said to those people it was a wording error on their part.

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Nope, Simple Mobile is not considered an “eligible carrier” for promotional opportunity and/or benefits where a port-in is required.

Source: https://www.visible.com/help/port-in-promotions

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I just talked to the visible live chat about the promotions they had if you brought a phone back in January. Everyone said that I had to port in my number? I brought the galaxy A03 which was said to give a 50 dollar gift card and anker earbuds. Did anyone else get their promotion?