Porting and active number and no help from Visible?


So I thought Visible looked like a good deal so figured I'd try it out. My phone service got cut off from my previous phone company when I tried signing up with Visible. Visible says it has to be active to port the number. So called my previous service (you can actually speak to a customer service representative) and worked it out with them and they activated it again so Visible could port it. So was told might take 24 hours to 48 hours before Visible got it. So after work today and over 48 hours later Visible says to call my old service and ask for a manual response. I again called my old service provider and asked them about it was even talking to them while chatting with Visible. Again my old service provider said it's active that visible can take the number and activate it that they do this all the time and can't understand why visible isn't getting it done. Visible than ask me to ask them how long will it be active for. The old service provider who activated the number again so Visible could give me my number ask why and are they not aware of the process ask visible when there gonna take it. Anyway my number will be active for 30 days and they have 24 hours to get the number than they'll have to send a request for the number everyday for the next 30 days until hopefully one of those 30 days visible figures out how to port in a number that everyone else apparently easily does. Visibles chat ended with they'll take the info that was given to them and send it to a higher level department who can handle the situation for me. That's it. No idea when, how, what to expect, what to look for or anything. So I guess I'll have to go threw the chat and verification processes and explain my issue with a chat representative everyday until I hopefully get some kinda answers.

    Has anyone else had anything remotely close to this problem or any idea how to get visible to fix this issue. I'm at a loss on what to do and really extremely disappointed in the way visible has handled this because I really wanted to be a fan and tell people my service is awesome and cheap but after this I'm kinding wishing I went another route as far as a service provider goes. 



I’m going through the same crap right now. I tried to port my number yesterday. Visible account says it’s complete, but phone still shows that the SIM is held by Verizon. 

So I had to remove the physical SIM from my phone, and delete all eSIMs. Then I was actually able to connect to a person in the Visible chat, and they set up an eSIM for me, and sent me a QR code to scan. The QR started the setup process, and it worked fine. I am up and running.