Problem downloading esim


I signed up for a trial plan, just to see what kind of signal I can get from my house. But the app is stuck on downloading esim profile on my iphone 14 pro. I cannot activate my trial plan. Really gives me no confidence to switch to Visible for my wife and I. Even though the plans do really look interesting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Intermediate II

I'm sorry it happened to you. Uninstall and install the Visible application, and chose ‘Activate my service’ and sign in. Confirm to install and add the cellular plan, and your e-SIM profile will start downloading.

Same problem as OP:

“Downloading eSim profile” never completed. Waited 1 hour. Didn’t complete. Uninstalled and reinstalled Visible app and attempted, again. Waited another hour. Never finished.
attempted to use Visible’s chatbot: link to “Start Here” it provided did absolutely nothing.
Guess i won’t be joining Visible, after all!