Recovering my son's phone number and Visible service


My son recently died and I am in possession of his iPhone 13. I want to reactivate his phone number and his monthly service. Is it ever possible to speak with a human?


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Sorry to hear about your son. 


Unfortunately no, they have no customer service phone number. You have chat which my take up to an hour or more waiting inline. You have Twitter but for me 2 weeks ago took 4 or 5 days for a response and last week I had a few more questions, day 6 and no response. Facebook messenger 2 weeks ago took 5 days(same questions and issue I sent via Twitter) but night before last I sent a few more question(pertaining to us customers have to switch from the old plan to one of the new ones) and I was surprised when I checked yesterday morning I had a response so I replied and the subsequent replies were responded to within a few minutes of each other. 


I have heard they do call backs sometimes but I think that is rare. If you go onto chat and they can't fix it ask for a supervisor, I say this as I read on another thread the first person you get on chat is a tier one rep and if you ask for someone higher up you get get a more knowledgeable person. 


Hope this helps.


Edit: you might end up having to start a new account because of payment issues that are linked with his account. If you have access to his account you might be able to reactivate that way and you can also change the payment method.

Thank you very much! I've tried 3 separate sessions with Messenger, getting nowhere. There are very long pauses between my comments and theirs. I've given up and am going with a different company. Thanks again for your insights.