Sending SMS from Gmail to Visible


When I send a message from to my number@vtext,com or my I get an error message 451   server temporarily unavailable AUP#CDRBL & never receive the message.  My answering service uses gmail to send to all carriers & everyone of them work except Verizon. It worked for the longest time & for about a week or 2 stopped working on Verizon. Any suggestions? 




@MessageCall - This is happening for me as well.  I suspect they turned off this feature due to the massive amounts of abuse with it (spammers sending fraudulent messages).  With that said, you can try reaching out to Visible Support to see if there's anything they can do to get it operational on your line again.

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Thank you for your advise. The funniest thing happened. after I left this message the very next day they started to work again.