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I have been with Visible almost a year now and up until about 8 days ago I have had wonderful signal, then the signal started to bounce up and down constantly. I would be connected one second and not connected the next. I contacted agents by chat, did all the troubleshooting tips and nothing has helped. The phone I am using is incompatible when checking the IMEI number, but has been working just fine up until this issue started. I also have another phone with Visible service and the IMEI number for it is compatible but it is having the same issue. They keep telling me it is because my phone is incompatible, but it has been working just great for months and the other phone is having the same issue! I believe it is a network issue but no one will help me or take me seriously and they can't explain why it was working just fine before this. I spoke with an IT tech who is a friend of mine and he said they are just making excuses. If the phone was working fine before on the network even though the sim was incompatible, then it isn't the phone. I am hoping that by posting here I can get some help! I really don't want to leave Visible but if this isn't resolved soon I will be forced to.


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Have you tried to toggle your Airplane Mode on then off?

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Yes as well as taking the sim card out and leaving it out for awhile then putting it back in. Nothing has helped and it all started after I got an email stating that Visible was updating their platform on December 4th.


You will get limited support here, other than from fellow users. If you want help from Visible, contact them here:


Social media feels like a faster option than chat, though YMMV.


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I have been chatting with them till and all they say is my phone is not compatible even though it's been working great up until now.

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Can you provide your location so others in your zone may provide feedback about their experience?




Near Forest City, North Carolina. Little town called Bostic, zip code 28018

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Do you have an iPhone or Android?  I'd try resetting the Network Settings.


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Android. Already tried that numerous times. But thanks for replying.


Reach out to support, and ask them to escalate. Maybe a higher level of support will get this resolved.



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Is it an older phone? I was with Straight Talk and had an iPhone 7 and they warned me that between now and February I would need to update my phone due to the network being updated. They said come February I would not have a signal to call or text due to it being incompatible with the updated service. Could this be an issue for you as well that your phone may be too old and you might need to upgrade?

It is a Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus

Hmm that particular phone came out in 2019 so that shouldn’t be an issue. My iPhone 7 came out in 2016 so it was a bit older.