This is unacceptable


My 73 year old father tried to switch to visible over a week ago. Since then, we have been completely unable to get anyone to help us. Neither of his phone numbers work and now his phone is hooked up to his email address without a number at all. This is absurd. He’s 73 and handicapped, he cannot be without service. What if something happens? He’ll be unable to get in contact with anyone. We have tried and tried to get this fixed and every single time we get some fake positive reply that “everything has been sent to higher ups” but literally nothing had changed. The situation has just gotten worse. I’m worried that I won’t be able to contact him if he isn’t within reach of wifi. I need to be able to call him and he needs to be able to call people. Please, someone help. 


Novice II

Kim, I'm sorry Visible put you in this position. Unfortunately, their support infrastructure is completely broken. I've been trying to get problems resolved for 3 months and there is no accountability anywhere in the company. Just terminate service and find a reputable company that will not put your father's life at risk.


You would have to get back onto chat and if you are getting automated responses you need to click on chat with a live agent, and wait. This is a peer to peer forum so for your situation there really is no help here in the forums, no one from Visible monitors these forums. Unfortunately Visible has no phone number to call for customer service, which is the reason these plans are so cheap. 


If you are looking for a budget plan and if he only needs the phone for phone and texting and very little to no data I would maybe suggest you check out Consumer Cellular or something similar instead. Visible is lacking customer care/support and if you value that in a plan this isn't it.