Trade in estimates


I have a iPhone with 1 hairline cracked camera lens, it doesn't affect camera or the pictures, thats how small the crack is, with no other damages what so ever, which one of boxes of option would Visible say I need to check mark for trade in value estimate, one option, maybe the 3rd selection but it doesn’t seem like major physical damage in my opinion but maybe some one know, and/ or also the 4th option, but seems to be only for front-screen and cracked screens not other areas like the lens. The options are only 4 to select from, none of them seem to apply to this. 

Check each box that applies

1)This phone will turn on and stay on
2)There isn't any kind of liquid damage
3)The phone is free of major physical damage
4)The screen is functional and is free of cracks and damages
Just asking to see if anyone have any clue to or has been in this predicament.