Transfer phone number from legacy account to new plan account

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I have legacy account from over two years ago with a couple months of referral credits left.

I signed up for the $30 new plan with the paypal discount on a spare phone to compare the improvements in speed and latency.


The improvements of the new plan is significant in my area.

I want to keep the new plan, but want the number from the legacy plan.


When the referral credits on the legacy credit are used up, the both accounts will be $25/month.

Is it possible to transfer the number from the legacy account to the new account/plan?





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I think all you need to do is just get a new SIM card for your old unlimited account to keep that number provided the phone is compatible with the new plans but you have at least one phone that works on the new plan. If you don't plan on keeping both numbers just cancel the phone plan for the new number or account you don't want. FYI, not all phones are compatible with the new plan, that is the problem I am having with a phone I bought from Visible last year. Even though I just got a phone now that is compatible I am not switching to a new card/plan until they make us so I can save the $5 a month.

Thank you for the suggestion. 

The phone used with the legacy account is not compatible the new Visible plans. 

My new account has earned some referral credits so I don't not want to lose the credits by cancelling the new account.


Thanks again,

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If you have credits in both accounts you could try to see if they will transfer them from the new to the old account. Get a card for the old account that has the number you want and put it in the new phone. You would have to go into chat and see if they will transfer credits or not. If they won't you can ask them to transfer your old number to the new account but in that case you are going to lose credits in the old account. All you really can do is get into chat, wait and ask. 


FYI, if you were hoping to get an answer from Visible here they don't monitor these posts, this is just a peer to peer forum.