What the exact process of swapping phones and upgrading to my new phone?

I’ve been with republic wireless awhile. I have a Motorola g7 plus and I’m upgrading to a Motorola 5g phone.  

do I use the new sim?  How do I swap my stuff over to the new phone?



Hi @Bjorntd,

It sounds like there are two things you are trying to do.  If you are looking to transfer all your data from your old phone to your new phone, you should be able to follow the prompts that your new phone will give you to transfer your files over.  It may have you connect up a cable between the two phones, select what you want to transfer, and then it will send it over.  Once that process is done and your phone is up-to-date, I would then suggest going ahead and switching to Visible for your phone carrier.  To do so:

  • On your old phone
    • Make sure the transfer to your new phone is completed before continuing otherwise you may lose data (it should tell you when it's done)
    • Turn it off
  • On your new phone
    • Make sure you are connected to WiFi
    • Install the Visible app through the Play Store
    • Insert your new SIM card (if you have a physical card, skip this step if you're using eSIM)
    • Launch the Visible app, sign in, and following the instructions to activate your service.
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