Upgraded iPhone nightmare

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Tried to upgrade from Iphone SE 2020 to Iphone 13. Both purchased from Apple. Waited hours for chat support. 2 reps couldn't get my data working. With a small business I couldn't afford to wait any more.
Went to Mint mobile site and in 5 mins I ported out to Mint mobile. Now everything works!! What a relief!!
And Mint chat support reps respond within a minute or two with a live person.

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It's too bad Visible is having these issues, because the price was very reasonable. I never had an issue until I got the new phone.

Same issue here, upgraded from iphone 11 pro to iphone 13 purchased from Apple.  Tried esim activation 4 times with support but never got the data and texting working.  Switched to physical sim and still the same issue.....will try one more time before porting out.