Verizon Network Extender & Visible Service


Hello we are wanting the significant benefit of Visible services for our family.

but are wanting to still use our verizon network extender as it has a much better range than our wifi service.

has anyone been successful in trying visible service on the Verizon network extender ?


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If you can currently connect to your Verizon network extender via your phones mobile hotspot then yes it will work. But you will be limited to 5mbps on hotspot for the extender. If you are in an area with high tower congestion the speed will even be slower unless you go with the plus plan, then you will have 50Gb of date that isn't deprioritized but again you are limited to 5mbps on that plan also. Hope this answers your question. 

WRONG. You cannot provision the 4G LTE Network Extender with Visible UNLESS the Extender is attached to an existing and CURRENT Verizon account.

Just because you think you are using Verizon as your service provider, you really aren't when it comes to the extenders.

Kept myself and a lot of other people from going to Visible. I have ZERO service without the Extender. If I lose power and have no WiFi I have NOTHING.... Because Visible won't allow Verizon Extenders to be provisioned on their accounts..

I had a friend activate my Verizon 4GLTE network extender in their Verizon account to see if it would work with my Visible cell device.  The extender is up and running just fine, but it does NOT see my Visible device, however, it did see my friends verizon device.  Very disappointing result for me with Visible.  It appears sharing communication bands and ownership is not enough.  You need a verizon sim or esim to get though whatever gate keeper is active on the extender.

My Extender connects to all of my Visible service devices just fine. And there are no Verizon devices in the area.

Looks like today I am eating my words, because like yours, my visible cell signal is now connected to my Verizon LTE range extender and working perfectly.  4 bars of lte signal.  Seems it took a day to sort out.