Video Comes in as a Photo and Audio File


Since switching to Visible+, when iPhone users send me a video to my Android (Sam Gal 20 FE 5G) it is converted to a very low res JPEG and audio file.  This does not happen when sent from another Android.  This happens with Samsung Messages, Textra, Google Messaging, and Mood text apps.  I am able to send video to any phone.


Here's what I've done (with no change to symptom):

-Factory reset phone

-Reset network settings

- Pulled the SIM card x 5 min and reinstalled

- Deleted the MMS Access Point Name (APN) entry followed by reset


This seems like a network issue since it happens on all of the different texting apps and continues after all resets.  Visible support does not have any idea what could be causing this.  Any ideas?




I think it may not be a problem with Visible per se. It is the problem with the MMS service. It could be that Apple does the compression. Also note that Apple has a different file format for videos (not MP4 like android) but the Apple devices can play .MP4 files without any issues.


A workaround may be is to use a cloud storage provider (like google photos or iCloud photos or google drive or iCloud or anything that suits your needs) or to use third party messaging apps that use internet (not SMS or MMS) like WhatsApp, Messenger etc. I am not promoting any particular app. Just listing the apps I know of.


Hope this helps your query!


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Thank you for your reply!


I got so frustrated that I decided to leave Visible+ to try US Cellular.  As soon as that new service was activated, all videos came through perfectly from both Apple and Android phones.  So I am 99% confident that it was a Visible network issue.  It's really too bad that technical support didn't have a "cue card" for that symptom though.