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Has anyone receive the $300 Virtual Gift Card that you get when you make 3 payments?


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You should receive yours after 61 days of service with Visible.


From which service provider you transferred your line?

I've paid 4 months so far and still have not received it!

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So how do you contact someone about this?

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Problem solved!

Glenn, how did you resolve this? I was supposed to receive a code after my third payment, and that was almost four weeks ago. I can't any support from either Visible (which is just a crap digital bot, not a human, and it said "check back after 1/30/2023".... that was today, on 2/27/2023!) or the reward fulfillment site, where I did reach a human, but it sent me back to Visible. I'm starting to worry I won't be able to redeem this. My Visible account says I'm eligible, but I can't find the email code. The whole thing is super scammy and inconvenient, like they try to make it difficult to redeem. 

So I'm curious how you got this resolved!

Sorry—accidentally double posted due to email confirmation. 


I never received mine and after following up was told that, even though the promo said it included "bring your own device" when I signed up, they have since changed the terms so I no longer qualified. Very disappointed. The rep did say that if I bought a new phone through Visible I would qualify for their current promos, but I'm hesitant to trust them after being deceived the first time.

I did get a new phone through them! I am not having any issue with them what's so ever.

Did you buy the new phone when you opened your account, or at a later date? I'm worried that Visible is going to tell me three months from now that I wasn't eligible for a gift card now either because I didn't buy the phone at the same time that I signed up and therefore wasn't a "new customer."

They wouldn't except my At&t phone so I had to buy a new one when I signed up. 

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Keep an eye out (and add to your allowed list) offers(at) 

The reward notification will come from them.  

I probably deleted it or it got washed out with the spam.  

I guess I'll try the "chat" from that "contact" page listed  -- 

Here's the faq on that -