Visible Care I better hear from you by 9/27/2023

On 9/22 I had a 6 hour LOS due to storms, started at 8 ended at just before 2. My phone didnt reconnect even after reboot, virtual assistant reprovisioned sim causing a sim provisioning issue promised a resolution in 2 hours at 1613 service wasnt restored until after 20:00 all 11 agents lied didnt know what they were doing and just generally bad service once restored unbeknownce to me outbound caller id blocking was enabled when it wasnt before, it has been 6 days since I could make a call to a person since caller ID is blocked and people wont answer blocked numbers. Was trying to deal with it on 9/25 but while draling with the issue visible website has a 502 error. Issue is unresolved been promised a credit for the los of 5 dollars but it has yet to be applied if I do not get my phone working properly by 9/27 at 8am I will be filing legal action visible contact me asap your agent ate horrible and just plain silly this is not what we deserve. Went to verizon hq and spoke with the ceo about disbanding visible and yes I can get in the building is have an access card.


FYI, this is a peer to peer forum and is rarely visited by Visible personnel if at all. Good luck!

i didn't know that but they i did file my lawsuit though.


Why do you take so much stress. Change provider if it doesn't work out.

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i too am NOT impressed thus far! Visible is most certainly NOT Verizon Wireless! NOT EVEN close. and i agree with you about their customer service