Visible Upgade Plan

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Just upgraded as per Visible request - Same price, better service, etc. Now it say my next bill is $40, 

I was on the $25 plan and it indicated that the price was the same. 


So why is it indicating that the price is now $40.


Also in the chat, it takes you into a loop and you can't ask the question you want to ask, only the one's they want to discuss.


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Have you activated the new card yet? Once activated it should update your account to the correct billing amount and apply the discount. If not contact customer service, when you open the dialog box type agent this will flag a live person, you may have to type agent again.

Well when you say "activate the new card"- do you mean SIM? I am waiting for the SIM to be sent to me. I picked the option for $25. When I went in, I saw the price for next month to be $40 with no discount. 


How do you contact Customer Service? Where do you go?


When you indicate you want to chat, they give you 4 options, one of them being billing and then it takes you through a circle showing FAQ's and info i know, but never contects you to live agent to chat with. They keep this circle going over and over again, with no apparant way to get out.

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Yes, SIM card.


To contact customer service you have option. Go to click on the little blue box in the bottom right corner, when the dialog box opens type the word agent, that will get the attention of a live agent. You can also contact them via Facebook messenger, link(box with the f in it) can be found bottom right corner of this page. Also contact them on Twitter by messaging them They are also on Reddit click more option on the right and send them a message.

HI Skibik - Thanks for the detailed advice. This is very helpful indeed. Hopefully, I receive the SIM card tonight and insert it so that everything reflects correctly as well as the billing getting adjusted back to $25 

One more thing. I tried to access the blue box in the bottom right corner attempted to type in AGENT. It starts by:


Nice to see you Roger, I'm Coonnai, Visible's Doigital Assistant.

What are you loking for specifically?Choose an optoin to get started:

Billing Details

Receipts Update billing address



ask a question to Connal.


Well if you just type Agent, the assistant comes back with those options again, plus Other.

If you select Other, then Agent again, it still comes back with those same 4 options. 


You have to enter Agent over and over again, till you finally can connect to an agent. The choices provided do not address the questions every time. It's fine they ask those questions, I get it, but after one run through where you indicated these questions are not what you need, it should not block you from getting to an agent or make it that challenging. On Friday I tried and tried entering all sort of words, not knowing that the magic word is Agent and you have to enter if at least 3 times. This is not helpful and will lead to frustration. 


This system has changed, because the last time I used it to talk to an agent, it was much simpler and not a battle. Doing this on a Cell phone back and forth is a nightmare. I tried it last Friday on my cell in the Visible app and the experience was dreadful. I then tried it on the PC  on the web and it was the same. I hope Visible changes this method of reaching their agents, as my experience with Visible has always been positive.


Thanks for you info, as it was helpful - just wanted to let you know my experience in using the word Agent.