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 i reset my watch and now my visible bell plan for Apple Watch doesn’t connect. In the iPhone Apple Watch app it says under cellular visible not in use. Any body else have this problem?


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I have this exact same issue! No help so far. 

I did not. Called a bunch but they ate cluelesd. What were yoursteps lesding up to the problem?  Was it your firs time connecting or were you trying to reconnecting or add a different watch?

It was the first time trying to connect the watch. Chatted which was no help, that rep submitted a ticket to someone who followed up via email and said they did some things on the back end but that did not help either. They said if I had further questions I needed to send them a Twitter dm which I did and am waiting for a response… I will copy this thread on that so they know it is more than just 1 person haha. 

They also told me to do the same thing Twitter, DM that was three days ago and haven’t heard back. They also told me to cancel the Apple Watch but I would have to wait until it expires for the month and then sign up again seems crazy that that is their solution that they couldn’t just canceled me and I wouldn’t have to wait a month.

Any luck on getting your watch hooked up?

Any luck on getting your watch hooked up?

I have been on with a live agent over chat twice now regarding this issue. They had me altogether remove and unpair my watch and factory rest network settings, which still didn't work after I re-added the plan on my watch. I even tried removing the plan in the Visible app and re-adding it as well - nope. Unfortunately no matter how many things I have tried the Visible cellular plan still shows under "not in use." 😥


Same issue here after getting my watch replaced by Apple last month. Been trying to get the new one working for weeks now. I even cancelled at the end of the last billing cycle and re- added it a few days later. They billed me the $5 even though the watch never activated. They really need to let the escalation support follow-up directly with customers. 

Yeah i also canceled the watch plan and was hoping that would do the trick. I still have a few days until the current one expires. 


Also having the same issue, no such luck

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Also having the same issue. Trying to add Apple Watch cellular service via the iPhone app but it doesn't work, and then shows Visible as 'not in use'. waiting in the chat, facebook messenger and twitter. Judging from the responses here, it looks like this might not even work.

Nope they are useless. Gonna switch carriers when my lockup ends 

I've been back and forth today on the website chat and twitter with @VisibleCare. Restarted phones many may times, upgraded watch, went through adding it many times again. Cellular service still just sits in 'Not in Use'. They elevated it to the next level support team. We'll see how that goes.

Had to also have them reset the voicemail to get it to work.

I was going to move everyone in my family over to visible. It's going to be a rough road if each activation goes like this.

It's working now for me.

I've been badgering the VisibleCare account on twitter. Went through many many messages with them on their script. I asked them to escalate this, and got an email that it would be addressed with a response email in 24 hours. Well, it's been 36 hours or so, and I sent them a message again on Twitter DMs, haven't heard back -- but checked the Apple Watch App, and LO AND BEHOLD, the cellular connection is working. They flipped the switch, or it worked itself out, or whatever needed to happen, happened.

It took 3 days for this to work out after countless Chat/Twitter DM messages. 

For anyone else experiencing this, I suggest using Twitter to contact VisibleCare, and ask them to escalate after doing the normal things: update iPhone, update Watch, Reset watch (that sucks, you lose preferences you have set already), turn off and off 50 times and try to re-add the cellular plan.

I have been doing this process with Visible EVERY 24 HOURS for weeks. They ask me to reset factory settings on watch, reset network settings on phone, reinstall the Watch and Visible apps - and the cellular on the watch never works. Every day I complain, and every day they say that they will get back to me in 24 hours. Then they email me and say that it's fixed! But then I repeal allllllll those steps above and it doesn't work. I have been reliving this like groundhog day since November 20th and now for the past 30 days almost every single day.


Same issue anybody have any luck? 

I got my issues fixed today, the Visible cellular moved from 'Not in Use' to being in use in the Apple Watch app (and Apple Watch). Testing it out, it works, so I'm happy for now. But it was a bummer spending hours trying to troubleshoot this (I'm sure their support people are doing what they can -- it's a deeper problem here with Visible infrastructure in my opinion). I also had to contact them to get voicemail set up to be able to get into that. Normal stuff that you'd think would happen, just didn't happen. Seems like Visible isn't really ready for prime time. I hope they can improve services.

how did they do it? Do you have a case #? I'm having the same issue and I have an open case open for a month now and they can't seem to get it to work. When you set up the plan and it says Updating Account, right after that if you Add the plan again (probably a bug in their system) it gives another message like "activating" .. so you get the Activating thing and it looks like it's going to work then goes right back to NOT IN USE.


Could you send the Visible case # that resolved your issue for the NOT IN USE issue, the name of the tech that resolved it and I can ping them on Twitter to see if they can do the same thing for me? Please & Thanks!!!!!!!!

D00d! this is a nightmare!!! It's been a month. They made us update to their "better network" and it broke my apple watch cellular.


If they got it working for you, would you mind sharing their CASE # or send it to me privately so I can have them do what they did to fix yours? They seem clueless and my case has been escalated for quite some time. 

I had to cancel my watch from my account and wait till the remaining time was left (the app will notify you that it was canceled at end of that period ) then go on the app then reactivate it. There support is the worst I have ever dealt with.

@danman try to contact VisibleCare on twitter via direct messages. Seems like that's the best way. Get a case number. Keep badgering them, ask to escalate it to a higher level. Its shouldn't be like this, but seems like that's the way to get it resolved. It may take a couple days at the very least for an engineer to flip a switch or reset it or whatever it takes.

Thanks i will give that a try.

i had the same issue and I tried posting my fix but it won’t let me because it’s offensive for some reason.

if you can pm me then I will send you my step by step instructions I made.

I’d love to know what to do. Not sure how to dm. 

I spent eight weeks trying to get my watch activated by chatting to @visiblecare.  Problem is you can get a different person responding after you complete the actions they have requested you do.  It's just spinning the wheels from step one every time.  I finally logged a complaint at  It took a week but when I was contacted by email I explained my situation.  The next day I was told that some backend work had been completed and to try again.  It activated the first time.  


This just happened to me a few days ago.  I despise Twitter, but went in and started chatting. Still not fixed, however they did credit me the money for the watch not being connected for the month. 


With this being a known issue since at LEAST October of '22,  it's not too reassuring that these CSRs aren't directed to a definitive resolution. I cannot count the times I've hard reset the watch, uninstalled/reinstalled the apps, reset the network, taken the SIM out, etc.  @visiblecare stated that my case has been escalated, so we'll see how long it takes to hear something on it. Very frustrating. 

Same issue!!


I set my mom up with a new apple watch on Visible 12 hours ago, and it was on the cellular network within minutes. NO ISSUES. I am still having issues after several months. This is insane.