We are sorry the number you have dialed has a calling restriction that prevented the completion of y


We are sorry the number you have dialed has a calling restriction that prevented the completion of your call


is what I now receive when I try to call my Visible phone which I have since I switched to Visible service when it was by invite to the service.


I have been through 4 chat sessions today, but the representatives seem to disappear or the chat window vanishes.  This is even after asking if anyone was out there every 5 minutes multiple times.


My phone service is currently active and paid.  My phone shows 4/5 bars with Visible as my carrier and the phone sees WiFi.


The issue started when I started receiving Walmart purchase shipping notifications every 30 minutes.  My foolish efforts by replying STOP or HELP were not delivered.  A day later (and 50+ walmart messages), I tried texting a friend but got Not Delivered.  I checked and could text my mother and girlfriend.


After picking up the package from Walmart, the messages kept on occuring.  That was when I contacted chat support.  They had me check my iPhone  6 Ios 12.5.5 to be sure it was the latest.  Mentioned the problem with the Walmart texts which started roughly on Tuesday Oct. 19.  They were going to try and reprogram my SIM and I was to power the phone off (it is in a nice waterproof sealed case, but the screen still cracked ๐Ÿ˜ž ).


Powered off the device and waited 15 minutes.  Received a flood of text messages about picking up my meds from Walmart Pharmacy and it looked like my STOP was finally sent.


My mother texts me on Sunday about why I am blocking her calls.  Thus begins another round of Visible support chat sessions which don't make much headway or has the support agents chatting back to be sure I was not forgotten say my every 5 minute "Are you there?  <TIME>"


They had me call a TAC number which completed.  During the sessions, I dragged out my emergency phone, charged it up and tried calling my Visible cell phone.  I received the message:


"We are sorry the number you have dialed has a calling restriction that prevented the completion of your call"


I have been told an order is stuck, but was offered no additional information or support.  Visible has my emergency and mother's phone number.  No emails from Visible.  Nothing.  Last they had referenced was needing some additional information.  That was when the chat window disappeared and I became stuck at #3 in the queue after 8 pm on today, Sunday.  


Visible, you need to keep customers assured that when a specialist is called in that you keep the chat alive with some paused message and/or some reassurance Visible support has not abandoned them or left them to some auto timeout without notification.


This call restriction even happens when the phone is off.  Nice trick.  Scrubbed my phone for any privacy restrictions but they were all off.  All the blocked number (only 3) were unblocked. And all but the last 2 voice mails have been deleted and then cleared from the deleted bin.


Strange the Greetings menu for my voice mail fails on reviving greetings.


Anyone have any ideas?  This looks like a higher level systems issue where possibly someone pushed an update which messes with the iPhone 6.  Or was there an unannounced update killing off the iPhone 6 like many third party apps?





Update 10/26/2021 at 6:25 PM EST

Discovered yesterday I had no cellular data service when I turn off my wi-fi.

Did receive an email yesterday Oct. 25 at 1:01 pm after calling earlier that morning from my office.

"Thanks for your patience; we want to reassure you that weโ€™re still here and are currently working your case. We apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing you, and we greatly appreciate your patience while we work this out. You should hear from us within [2 4-4 8] hours with an update or final resolution. "

(Note, the editor thinks twenty-four hyphen forty-eight is a bad word]


Calling failures continue in and out with no cellular data.

Contacted customer chat.  No resolution yet.

Yes, same. 

Did the issue get resolved?

Novice II

Same error this morning for my phone. Yesterday's phone calls worked fine. I upgraded from the old Visible plan to the new 2 days ago was the only change I made. Waiting on support to get back.

  1. Has this since been resolved for anyone? Similar situation here. When I dial out or when people call me, this is the message that is played: Weโ€™re sorry, the number you have dialed has calling restrictions that has prevented the completion of this call. Announcement 803. Your call cannot be competed as dialed. Announcement 901.

I just had the same issue with my phone start today. I got on chat with visible and the agent was able to fix it!
It was quite a process. First I reset my network settings. Then I deleted the eSIM. Then I updated to the most recent version of iOS. Then I used the QR code on the visible website to reinstall the eSIM. I was still getting the error. So the agent reset the eSIM on her end. 

My visible app wasn't working either. I updated it, deleted it and redownloaded it. Was still getting an error when trying to open the app. After the eSIM update from the agent and a phone restart, I was making calls and the app worked again.

It took some time but letting her know from the jump that it was a known issue and that others had success by resetting the eSIM she was able to get to the fix relatively quickly. 


I have the same issue, and the support has no clue. Last time also support was not able to identify the issue but got lucky when I was able to convert to eSIM, but now no such luck. Waiting on visible to come up with resolutions, and they didnโ€™t even give a call back last time, so I think it will be the same


Did anyone get this resolved? I am having the same issue and I am about to switch phone providers. This is really frustrating.

I'm with you.  After having visible for about two weeks, I've only been able to make calls for a couple of days.  Incoming calls are blocked, outgoing calls has the "number has dialing restrictions".  And it doesn't help that i haven't had voicemail since I switched and I keep waiting on Chat for a very long time and then get kicked off and have to start over.


i predict a very short life for this company if phone and customer service does not dramatically improve very quickly.


You cannot predict a short life for this company since no one could beat the truly unlimited data and hotspot

My phone started doing this today also. Whenever i try to call out i get a voice saying "we're sorry the number you have dialed has calling restrictions that has prevented the completion of your call announcement 803"

Even when people try calling, my phone will ring but this message plays on my end, on their end it says the cellular number cannot be reached at this time.  

Has anyone figued out how to resolve this? Im wondering if it has something to do with either the digital sim i have, (ive had it for a few months with no problems) or if its the spam blocker i had activated months ago also to cut down on spam calls. 

Pretty obvious Visible is not monitoring this chat or providing any anwers to this issue that appears to be ongoing.   I have been waiting on chat hold for 30 mins and it has not even given mea number of where I am in the line yet.   When this service works it is great, but these type of issues have me second guessing the switch to visble.  

I had the same issue and got on the chat. They resolved the issue. I did have to update my IOS to the latest and also had to delete my recent call list. Try directly dialing the phone number and it went through. 


I had the same issue and was able to fix it by turning DIAL ASSIST off in settings under Phone 




Noticed that I started having this issue today as well. None of the purported fixes in this post are working and no official response.



I suppose this is what you can expect for paying a low-quality budget carrier instead of mindlessly sending $80 a month to a government-subsidized big telecom service.


Will see what is possible in terms of a refund as my grandmother cannot reach me.


This issue started on my phone just today! My visible app wasn't working either. So I got on visible chat from my computer. I let the agent know this was a known issue and the solution seemed to be to have the eSIM reset. It was quite a process but we got it fixed!

First she had me reset my network settings. Then I deleted the eSIM. Then I updated to the latest version of iOS. Then I dumped and redownloaded the visible app. I restarted the phone and I was still getting error messages on both calls and the visible app. So she reset my eSIM on her end. After a phone restart everything worked again!


It took a little while but letting the agent know the fix for others was to have them reset the eSIM seemed to help move things along more quickly. 5/5 on that customer service!