Who is Steve in the live chat?


Steve ended my conversation in the chat when we weren't finished and I was still asking questions. He very well knew I was getting frustrated and had already tried the fixes he gave me and he knew I had been having issues for days. ๐Ÿ˜ 

As you all know it takes at least 1/2hr to get someone in the chat.


Extremely disappointed in this persons customer service. 


Intermediate III


This is not acceptable. No customer care agents should behave like this. Try to reach out to customer care on twitter. 

Intermediate III

Steve is probably the supervisor lol. I found out today if Visible can't figure out the issue and you keep pushing them, they just go silent.  I'm working on a nice letter to their director of customer service, who I found on linked in, and letting her know any customer fwd company should be ashamed of this sort of customer service

Novice II

visible is run by some fat cats in Denver CO.   I am sure they are very happy that they dont have a 1-800 number much to the detriment of their customers.

Intermediate II

Boy that should never happen!