Who is the manufacturer for the VIsible Midnight?


I saw a few people saying its ZTE and some other people saying its Wingtech.


Novice III

I debunked it on Reddit. But yes, the phone is made by Wingtech. Wingtech is the same phone manufacturer that helped T-Mobile with the T-Mobile Revl. The phone is also designed and built by Wingtech. It may look similar to ZTEs Blade 11 Prime but the whole phone has a different OS Skin and Specs. A redditor said that this may be a ODM model phone and I agree since when I compare it with my friends ZTE Blade 11 Prime I see that the Wingtech version is bigger slightly but everything else about the phone is the same.

The Moto G Pure looks built on the same general chassis as well.  All seem to share the same screen I think  At least the MIdnight and G Pure do.