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Using a "hot spot" exclusively, at what thresh-hold will data be "throttled"?



Visible never throttles data, hotspot or otherwise. If the network becomes congested, your data may slow if you’re on the Visible basic plan or exceed 50GB on the Visible+ plan. That is considered deprioritization, and only occurs during times of high network utilization.

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There is no threshold or limit on data and you can use it 24/7 if you wish. I think I did break the 60GB mark one month. The speeds might be throttled back if you are on a congested tower during the busy times, this is only on the basic plan, if you have the plus plan you get 50GB of premium data which is not throttled until you use it up and it also gets you access to the 5GUW network.  5G works on both plans. Only limit is to speed on hotspot which is 5Mbps. It does say limited to one device but I have successfully used two but I had to make sure I in my settings it was set to more than one, I have mine set to 10 but I think 2 to 3 would be max.