activate iPhone 14 Pro Max

Novice II

So while getting ignored and timed out on my 2nd day now I called T-Mobile. They answered right away, while the price is a bit higher I was also able to speak to someone who had no problem setting up an account.  So screw this chat BS and terrible service, never again. Visible can kiss my butt. 



How much are you paying at T for a single line and what are the perks?

The perks is within 10 minutes I was talking to a customer service representative. The downside was they had some issues with my account in particular because I had service years ago. I actually ended up going with Mint Mobile. It took me all of 15 minutes on the website and I was sporting a fully functional iPhone 14 Pro Max. It's $30 a month, we'll see how the service is, but so far no issues. Mint also has real people you can talk to, it's like the twilight zone. C'ya Visible