eSIM Activation taking longer than expected




Wondering if I can get some sort of help on my eSIM activation process. Does not seem to be activating. It will say it will take under 5 minutes then a pop up shows to retry and stating it may up to 30. Then it continues to do the same thing over and over.


Can’t reach customer support as I’m getting disconnected before even getting a queue number.


Please help! Desperately need my phone today.


Novice II

I have the same exact problem since last night. 3 out of 4 phones activated correctly with in 5 minutes, but one iphone is giving problems. Trying to reach CSR over online chat, that's also taking forever.

Weird huh? I’m pretty sure the queue for a CSR is long because of eSIM activations too. This should be a high priority issue to fix on their side and it seems customer support is taking the brunt of their decisions

Novice II

Finally they resolved my issue. As per the agent, my order stuck in 'Submitted' state and blocked from further processing. Tech team has to involve and resolve it. All good now. 

Same! The tough part was getting to Customer Service. They'll fix it there. I just wish there was a tool available to us to did what they did (redownload or reset the eSIM).

Agree, it took close to 1.5 hours to reach them and another 4 hours for the tech team to fix it. It is a nightmare to get to the customer service. They said they are having lot of eSIM activation issues after iphone14 came out.

  • How do you connect with Customer Service? I’ve joined the chat queue ; is there some other way?