failed to activate then failed to log in


I am currently using Pixel 3, and want to switch to Visible. I want to activate via esim and port my old phone number.


At beginning, it kept failing configure the esim, it may be related to permission problem of the app.  I granted all permission to the app. I received an email said a new number was assigned to my account. However now I cannot login to my visible account. The error message just said "Something went wrong". I tried different browsers, doesn't help.

Where can I get help.



I am able to login now. But still cannot activate via esim. Working on it.

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From what I have been reading here eSIM has been a huge problem on android phones and don't think they have been able to get it working properly. I would suggest you request a physical SIM card instead. I know there have been glitches with eSIM on iPhone but Visible has been getting some of the bugs out but I don't think they have been able to work the bugs out of android phones yet. I may be wrong though.

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Hi, Pixel 3 is not supported for eSIM activation by Visible.

You'll need to use a SIM card or purchase a Pixel 4a or higher.