iOS App freezes on Visible Screen

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Hey hopefully someone from Visible Tech reads this. The Visible app has not worked on my iphone 13 pro max for weeks. It seems to be stuck in an infinite loop or something on the white Visible screen. I have tried to delete and redownload app/re-login and have same problem. Using latest version of Visible app (4.2.6) on App Store on latest public version of iOS 16 (16.1.1). Have also tried the standard reboot phone and still have problem. 

I don’t think the problem is on my end but if anyone has any suggestions leave them here. Thanks. 


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An app update was just released 4.2.7 and my issues seem to be resolved now. 

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I don't think you will find any Visible techs here. I would be totally shocked if they were. If you don't want to wait on chat try Facebook messenger and send them a message with the issue with the app.


It seems like the app has bugs even though there seems to be updates to the app weekly. I am on an android phone and still on the old plan and try to select a new plan on the app and it errors out and has done this for at least 2 months. Even the website on my laptop has errors while trying to switch plans. Not sure what you are trying to accomplish on the app but try to access Visible through the website instead.


Good luck!


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I'm having the same issue. I posted about it here last week.

Here is the update via fb messenger I received after I informed them this issue is with a ton of people and many without service since going to esim and or getting an iPhone 14pro max here’s the replies


I checked the case and it seems that the support team is still working on your case. They will send you an email with the latest updates as soon as possible. We're sorry it's taking longer than usual.


Ok some people in the forum said it's been over a week for them. Just a bit frustrating. Is there time frame for this being resolved?

We apologize for the long wait time, you should actually receive the resolution email within a few hours as the case seems to be almost solved.




This doesn’t give me hope as it’s happening with mine too and I don’t have a phone now. I can only use it through WiFi but no texting or calls and I have a kid in school. Makes me a bit uneasy. 

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An app update was just released 4.2.7 and my issues seem to be resolved now.