it shouldn't be this hard


My wife has a samsung galaxy S21+ and the screen died. We started going through visible (assurance) to get it replaced, and we were told that since it's so new we can just work through samsung to get it replaced. What a nightmare. At every turn it's been a problem. We reached out to Samsung, got a RMA number sent it back and the phone got lost in transit. Samsung issued us a credit for the value of the phone since UPS lost it and now we are having trouble getting our credit. 


Dealing with busted tech should be WAY more frictionless. Luckily my wife kept her old samsung and we were able to  swap out her sim card and still have a phone.  Bricks and mortar stores are great for these kinds of issue where I can just hand them my phone and walk out with a new one.  


Was there an easier path that we missed?



Seeing how Visible doesn't have any brick and mortar stores, I doubt there was an easier path forward.  Also since the manufacture's warranty was in place, not sure if the process would have been much different.

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I understand what you are saying, and have some comments:


-The S21+ has been out for more than a year now. You would think that Asurion would have inventory of the phone.


-Maybe you could have asked Asurion if you could use your insurance here:


-You had a quirky thing happen, Samsung lost your phone. Thankfully, the majority of phones sent to Samsung don't get lost.


-We are still in a pandemic, and replacements make not be available due to lingering supply chain issues.


-Regarding bricks & mortar stores, you signed up with Visible knowing they had no bricks and mortar locations. It is a tradeoff. You signed up with a budget carrier, without all the bells and whistles. Prepare to pay more money for more handholding.