service paused


my service was paused (less the 24 hours) due to non-payment. I tried to update my credit card from the app and make a payment from the account page. neither the app nor the website will allow me to pay. There is no payment button.  as the digital assistant has indicated. 


The Q and A states that when i fail to make a payment, "A: Visible will pause your service until you make another payment on your account. Service returns within a few minutes and sometimes seconds. Visible will keep your actual account paused for 60 days and will release your number 50 days after that. Worry not: you will get plenty of emails, notifications, and reminders about all this after your account is paused.​" 


I do not have the option to make a payment. It's as if my account has been canceled. How do reinstate my account?



Not a solution to your current problem, but you can have more than one credit card associated with your account.

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Hey @brettking please try to remove & install the Visible application.

Depending on the web browser. Try to use incognito or private window.

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Edited this first part out. Try adding a new form of payment on the website online. I have mine set to autopay so not really sure how to make a payment otherwise. You should be able to add a new credit card by scrolling down to manage payment and clicking the right arrow and a box will pop up with 3 options add a new payment method, PayPal, or Venmo. Right above this is autopay and I have mine checked so I don't have to remember to pay each month. Hope this helps.