Never received gift card code


My husband and I both started using Visible in June of 2022; we transferred our numbers and have paid on time for 4 months.  We have yet to receive any code for the gift card we were promised when we signed up, and I chat stays in limbo, will not connect.



I know when I first joined visible and later asked about the gift card they told me that you only get the card if you purchased a phone from them. I didn’t get one from them but did a phone swap. It’s not the same apparently.

Has anyone received their gift card yet! I haven't and that was one of the reasons I joined visible. I can't even get through an agent I've been in number 19 in line 4 30mins already. Who is going to be calling support at 3:48 am, besides me. Been waiting for an hour in line. This is false advertising.