Terrible Experience investigating Visible

Novice II

Absolutely abysmal and I don't understand the appeal of this company.  I can't remember when I was treated so poorly by a company I looked into.  On every level.


...and funny how my "INVALID EMAIL" is valid for this "Forum" yet renders me a "NOT VALID" customer for Visible.



For me, the “Invalid email” didn’t disappear until I got past the “.” in @gmail.com

Any possibility you had a typo and maybe used a comma?

No.  I have an underscore in my email address.  Visible does not accept this and calls my email "INVALID".  I guess that makes me "INVALID" to be a customer.  Just the fact that this discussion exists at all reflects poorly on Visible which is ostensibly a "technology" company although they have trouble with technology itself and can't provide service that every single other online technology business (including online BANKING which requires stricter security) can handle.


And their reps can't communicate this without being offensive (i.e. blaming the customer) as well as being incapable of providing any kind of satisfactory explanation beyond "it's for security" and "at this moment we don't accept INVALID email".   Tone deaf and unnecessarily difficult to do business with.


Another huge technology gap with this weird company is their inability to inform prospective buyers what phones are compatible with their network other than to require the IMEI.  By doing this they preclude anyone who wants to shop for a phone outside of Visible.  Nobody can shop for a used or refurb phone outside of Visible because if you were to buy it and THEN have Visible check the IMEI just to find it it is incompatible then you have bought a useless phone.


The worst thing about that is that NO OTHER CELLULAR CARRIER requires an IMEI to check the compatibility.  Every other carrier can (and does) provide the information needed for customers to be fully informed and able to make decisions about buying their devices absolutely anywhere.  Mint mobile, another low-end carrier like Visible, makes it so easy that within seconds you can check make and model of phone for compatibility.  Having worked in the industry ten years myself I know for a fact that it is NOT necessary to know an IMEI to affirm compatibility; while that certainly is one way to check, it is not at all the only way and compatibility can be determined vey easily without such specific information.


This is just part of the experience so far.  I see an inflexible, anti-customer company that is tone deaf to customers' needs and has a customer service policy of insulting the customers and labeling them "invalid" and providing no real answers or solutions.


And when expressing these concerns to their reps they told me to just go to Mint or other carriers - that's how this company does "business".


I see a trendy, hip website full of flowery language about "no BS" and other things which in reality don't exist.  And that's why this post will go unnoticed and unanswered by Visible themselves - they really don't care!


I just don't understand how they remain in business but it's early still, so I can see a lot of people being disappointed when thy either lose service or their account is absorbed into a more professional carrier.


I think Visible stays in business with the excellent monthly rate of $25.


I was paying $80 at Verizon for a plan that had hotspot capabilities. FWIW, my transfer to Visible went very well with my unlocked iPhone 11 and their eSIM setup yesterday. Getting the $15 Party Pay discount was a piece of cake.

LOL, I don't care that you're a Visible fanboy - they have major problems.  Just look at the help center forum on here and it becomes clear.  I'm not surprised a fanboy chooses to blind himself to the problems because he's cheap.

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